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Corporate Banking

Technology is fast changing the way people interact with their banks, which is why we generate sophisticated real-time solutions to enhance our clients’ transactional activities and deliver real value to their business.

RMB’s sophisticated IT infrastructure, network of industry experts and specialists in corporate, treasury and investment banking have the single aim of offering our clients the best banking experience possible. That’s why we are committed to sustainable partnerships, while our framework empowers our clients to access and manage their funds from wherever they are in the world.

Transactional Banking Solutions

Liquidity management solutions

Our liquidity management offering releases balances locked in working capital to enable you to optimise interest revenues and reduce interest costs. Other benefits include:

Consolidated cash management view — enables you to arrange your various bank accounts in a cash management group that is styled according to your unique treasury requirements. This means your finance team will be able to get a consolidated view of all your bank accounts and the balances across the group in one report, without having to log on to the banking system once a day.

Automated sweeping — this automated function sweeps across specified bank accounts to enable a seamless movement of funds between accounts without having to create inter-account transfers each day. Account target balances are set by you to ensure that accounts are always funded if needed.

Interest optimisation — allows you to set-off debit and credit balances to maximise your return on free cash.

Interest distribution — for reporting purposes can be done nationally and create a view of what the distribution would be. Physical interest distribution is done automatically and handles all the interest distributions without the need for any interventions.

Payments solutions

Domestic payments — domestic payments within the Common Monetary Area are made available through FNB Online Banking EnterpriseTM or via an integrated host-to-host payment solution.

FNB Online Banking EnterpriseTM (OBE) — offers multiple security features, and is designed to mitigate operational, transactional and financial risk. The administration of the OBE™ application resides with you. This means you can grant administrators the authority to set up and structure the rest of the users required to operate the system, without involvement from the bank. Payment files can be imported from your LOB system in ACB format thereby eliminating the need to recapture payments authorised in your LOB.

Integrated payments solution (host-to-host) — is an alternative seamless solution for high volume electronic payments from you accounting system to RMB's mainframe. This fully integrated solution is enabled via a direct connection and relies on a guaranteed secure "handshake" process to ensure data integrity between your LOB and RMB.

Receipting Solutions

The bank has 55 branch service points throughout Namibia, situated in all major centres. These centres are linked real time with our service centre in Windhoek. Clients benefit from real-time information of all their transactions posted as value is given on deposits on the date of receipt by the cash centre or a branch. In addition, the bank has two fully fledged Bulk Cash Centres that are situated in Windhoek and Oshakati for the delivery of cash by cash-in-transit companies.

The cost of cash deposits are always sensitive and we encourage clients to make use of cash-in-transit companies to deliver daily takings to our Bulk Cash Centres in Windhoek and Oshakati where the price per transaction is significantly reduced to you. Bulk cash facilities are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology and all transactions are performed under surveillance cameras to protect both parties in the event of a discrepancy. The daily deposits can be credited to the designated core business account, using an agreed upon transaction referencing facility. This gives you the ability to uniquely identify each transaction on your bank statement without any human intervention.

Deposits and payments to nominated receipting accounts can be identified by using RMB's unique referenced deposit solution for over the counter and EFT receipts. Benefits of this solution include:

  • Easy identification and automated reconciliation of deposits and payments that have been made into your current accounts at any of the bank's 55 branches
  • Your accounts can be added to the public recipient list at FNB so that the account will be masked to customers when they are making an electronic payment
  • Reference validation ensures that all deposits are correctly referenced for identification purposes. Customers will be forced to enter a valid reference such as a unique account/invoice number when making a payment. The bank statement will then reflect the reference together with the deposit information to enable automated electronic reconciliations

Statements for current accounts are available via a manual retrieval process using OBE™ or an automated File Transfer Protocol (FTP) service. The system supports a range of internationally accepted format options including: ASCII, CSV, Oracle Financial, Pastel, PDF, Quicken, SAP MultiCash, and Rich Text that can used to export statements directly into your accounting system.
  • Current, interim and archived statements can be viewed, printed, downloaded or exported
  • Users have access to a real-time transaction history for up to 180 days based on the option selected
  • The transaction history enquiry has a quick search and advanced search option to assist in transaction tracking
  • Statements and transaction history reports can be delivered to selected users through scheduled exports at pre-determined times via email which can be set up in OBETM
  • Statements can also be enabled via an integrated host-to-host connection to the bank's mainframe — it is suitable to facilitate the automated uploading of daily statements and allocation of financial transaction in your own system
  • Together with transaction referencing, the uploading of electronic bank statements will reduce the time spent on reconciliation of the bank account to the cashbook and the updating of the debtors ledgers

Working Capital Finance

We provide flexible working capital facilities for periods of up to 18 months. These are tailor-made to fund your working capital and are unique to your internal requirements. We offer secured as well as unsecured facilities — with different variables impacting the collateral required, as well as the pricing of these facilities. Short-term N$ or foreign currency facilities are provided through:
  • Borrowing via your current account overdraft
  • Borrowing in the money market (call)
  • Borrowing via your customer foreign currency account (CFC) overdraft

Debtor finance

Invoices issued by clients to corporate entities for goods or services sold and delivered can be discounted on a with- or without-recourse basis, depending on the bank's ability to take unsecured credit exposure on your business. Financing of debtor books is done on a portfolio basis at a margin determined by the characteristics and nature of each debtor book. Credit insurance can assist to mitigate risk on these books, and to enable the bank to extend larger margins for funding purposes.

Trade solutions

RMB is able to facilitate all your international trading needs through our Trade Finance offering of letters of credit, documentary collections or guarantees. We have the expertise to help you structure your transactions for secure and efficient execution of your international trade transactions. We also offer financing related to documentary trade instruments to support your working capital requirements on the back of international trade transactions.